continues in the Estero Community Center September-May  Mondays  and Thursdays 9:00 to 12:00.  For our new members,
Open Paint means just that - come with your own project and do your own thing as you enjoy the fellowship of other members.   

Classes will only be held if there are a sufficient number of students to confirm each class.  Please give serious consideration to signing up
early.  The reason we ask this is because we need 6 signed up paid students two weeks ahead of the class start date.  The artist is advised
at this time that their class is a “go”, and it is at this time that the Art League is committed to a contract with the Artist.

You may still sign-up for a class up to the Monday prior to the class start date,  provided there is space available, usually there is a
maximum of 15 students per class, however each teacher has the option to limit their class at their discretion.  

Signing up for a class at Open Paint is not a registration for the class until it is paid.    Signing-up for a class without paying is only an
intention to take the class.  If you are un-paid, you can be bumped by a paying student if the course becomes fully subscribed.  Please pay
for classes when you sign-up to ensure your space.  At the latest, class must be paid on the Monday prior to the class start date.

SIGN-UP FOR ALL CLASSES: May be done at Open Paint, on Monday mornings at the Estero Community Center or send a cheque to
            Estero Art League
             C/O Estero Community Center
             9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd
             Estero, FL 33928
On the check be sure to indicate which class you want to take.


No registrations will be accepted on the day of class.  Instructors require time ahead of class to prepare for students, also
we have found this takes away class time from the instructor and other students.  

REFUNDS: will only be made two weeks prior to the class start date, by notice in writing to the Art League. We need to make
this change since the Art League advises the instructor two weeks prior to the start of class the number of students
attending and we are obligated to pay the instructor for that number of students.  It is not our intention to be punitive, but we
feel it is not fair for the rest of the Art League to pay for a student cancellation after our commitment to the instructor.  If you
are unable to attend your class, and it is too late for a refund, you may make your own arrangements for a substitute to take
your place.  Please advise the name of the substitute to the Art League prior to class.

Class Cancellation:  Full refunds: will be made if the class is cancelled by the Art League.  In this event the Education
Chairperson will notify you that the class has been cancelled and your refund will be issued by check drawn on the Estero Art
League account.

Non-Members:  Non-members are welcome to participate in our classes.  In addition to
the regular fee an up-charge of $15 is added to each course.   Membership is $35 and a $10 per year Estero Community
Center Membership.  If you are considering more than one course a membership would  be to your advantage

Lunch:  If your course is for a full day.  We suggest you pack a lunch there are no facilities at the Community Center that
supply food.

When you pay for class be-sure you receive a receipt and please bring it to class.